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For a very long time, I’ve been wanting a proper bedspread — that fully covers my enormous 4m2. Alas, my size is online-shopping unfriendly. I’ve already tried, in good hope, acquiring one. Apparently I misjudged some of the conversions — apparently I have some dubious novelty definition of a King-size bed.

Since most store-bought goods in Iceland are not to my exquisite taste, I will have to make me own. I have been keeping a look-out for scraps to make a patchwork quilt, such as this one from UO (which I grant you comes on the cheap, alas, not in my size):

Urban outfitters

Now, due to my pinterest addiction, I’ve come across some gorgeous geometric shapes that have been suggested to be “great for quilt-making” and I must say I completely and utterly agree with my fellow pinners. Here’s what I’ve been mostly leaning towards…

> meets <

Symmetrical across the vertical axis.

Simple triangles, in dark color palette

X marks the spot… and notice the neon love?

… maybe in extra-smooth Chinese silk remnants? Enforced with some plain IKEA bedspread (conveniently now on sale!) for extra weight.

I don’t assume of starting this project any time soon. I’m not going to dive into my precious silks for what basically can be salvaged after proper cutting of tailored patterns. Right now, I’ve got a fair amounts of plum purple and emerald green. This way I’ve got a motive take the silk road in my next sewing missions.


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