Tongue Tied

Once upon a time, when I rekindled my relationship with long-lost knitting needles, I dyed my own yarn: Don’t take a sip of the Kool-Aid, it’s to dye for. It was somewhat tricky business, since there were meters upon meters of yarn that had to be kept untangled (at all cost). Other than that, it was relatively easy monkey business. Since then, I’ve been dying to dye again.

There are mainly two techniques that are #DIY friendly, namely, Tie-dying and Dip-dying — the yarn adventure from 2011 belongs in the latter category.

There are a lot of inspirational dyes out there, worth aspiring to recreate. I remember a ruffled bag from Royal Extreme from Hönnunarmars a few years back. It was an ombre mix of crimson red and mustard yellow. Simply divine. Alas, no pictures available from the internet. Luckily I a very vivid memory of it, so it’s all good.


Slightly dipped dress.

Ombre maxi-skirt

Dipping: Facing up vs. facing down.


Isabel Marant | Lia ruched fine-knit jersey dress

Multicolored tie-dyed swimsuit cover-up

Skinny dyed jeans


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