Heart of Glass

I believe my eye-sight is getting worse, which I guess is a bad thing, however this gives me the excuse of renewing my spectacles. This time around I’m head-over-heels-in-love with cat-eye frames. I guess that’s due to my crazy-cat-lady-collection.

These are my favorite modern takes of a vintage rockabilly classics:

Very cat-like


RX5226 in Top Black on Transparent (2034) by Ray-Ban

Not so cat-like

1140/401 col. ad38 by Lindberg

1028/20 col. ad69 by Lindberg

1139/94 col.ac97 by Lindberg

PR03OV in Currant – Honey (EAN1O1) by Prada

PR22OV in Wood Olive Green (JAB1O1) by Prada

MJ414 in Black Pearl Gray (0HGW) by Marc Jacobs

DD1213 in Black and Gold by D&G

BE2112 in Sand (3012) by Burberry

My previous pairs

Big black rimmed frames by Burberry, with sparkly accents. January 2009.

9522/17 by Lindberg. December 2010.

My current ones are from Lindberg, and their feather-light titanium frames feel barely there, at least compared to my previous pair from Bulgari which could be used as paper-weight (although at the time they seemed fairly light), hence I’m leaning towards a fresh pair of Lindberg’s…


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