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It’s finally over. After 36 skeins, which sum up to approximately 4 km worth of 50% cotton 50% acrylic blend thread, I’m finally finished with my adult blanket. Took me one month (to the day) to complete.

Dare to be inspired. Muita Ihania knows what she’s knitting.

I came across a beautiful crochet blanket on pinterest recently. It lead me to the Finnish blog by Muita Ihania with more up close view of the gorgeous blanket.

My version uses traditional Granny Squares (using my faithful Happy Hooker crochet textbook), and since I can’t fathom making 12×12=144 squares I’m only doing 10×10=100 squares, albeit mine are 5rows and Muita’s are 4rows. Moreover, my yarn is more fine so crochet 4dc instead of 3dc. Accidentally misplaced one dark pink square between the cushions in my sofa and didn’t find it until I had finished all of said color, hence will wind up with 101 squares.

Update: a square blanket of squares wasn’t long-legs-friendly, so I ended up doing 12×10=120 squares after all. But boy, those 20 extra squares almost stitched themselves. Well, one came as a freebie from the sofa. Practice makes perfect… but I’m still holding my crochet hook as a knitting needle (works like a charm, but technically incorrect).

I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. I initially only bought 8 skeins, and was convinced that I would even have some yarn leftover. Well, I do have some yarn leftover, but that is some 5 trips to Europris later. More info on choice of yarn and amounts needed, check out my ravelry entry.

Apparently I don’t hold my crochet hook as intended, I instead opt for some kind of free-form knitting technique. Works like a charm. Although there could possibly be some time saved if I’d learn the correct crochet way.

120 squares x 30 min = 2400 min + construction

It took me about little less than 30 min. to crochet each granny square, and my mother roughly just over 20 minutes. But that was in the beginning phase of the construction. After roughly 100 squares into it, I think it’s safe to assume I’ve gained some substantial speed-up. However this remains unverified.

Fourfold border control: base round + 2 blues + 1 pink

For the border I used my Around the corner crochet border book by Edie Eckman for the first time, in particular border #120. I think I may or may not have misunderstood what “dc” stand for in US terminology, because the UK vs. US translation means add yo (yarn-over) no matter what, however in retrospect I think the “Icelandic” version is US-friendly and not UK, which means, that I overdid the border, by a LOT! Anyway, it looks nice, and I managed to finish with my skeins all from the same dye-lot (it came close though!).

I don’t exactly know what to do with myself now. I used to have a couple of skeins and my trusted 3mm hook and precision scissors (I lost my new birdy-like embroidery scissors) in a make-up case in my bag at all times during this obsessive crochet month. Very carry-on friendly. Might even take my crochet skills up a notch by doing multi-color squares. For instance something on the lines of this….

Wearable granny squares

P.S. Knitting (I mean crocheting) an adult blanked is much easier said than done. Had I known what I was getting myself into, I would have bailed. But thank god for persistence. Let that be a lesson to all you fellow novices out there.


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