Pink bullets

Holy home #DIY

More DIY adventures at the ivory tower.

I hate to admit, but I’ve become one of those “bland“-people, buying second if not third-hand merchandise online. My latest shopping-spree contained a somewhat roughed up embroidered ottoman from my new facebook persona to stalk, Norma. For a little 6500 ISK this is what I got to take home with me…


I immediately thought of something pop like this little neon-jewel…

Inspirational pop-up pink!

Now, a half of tube neon-pink (599 ISK) acrylic paint from Søstrene Grene, some ancient varnish, a spoiled newspaper, couple of meters of black Iranian lace (which I just happened to have lying around) later this is what I wound up with…

Holy home #diy

My brother loathes is (well since it’s not stainless steel that was pretty much a given), but my mother finds it oh-so-adorable, so overall the family is pretty satisfied.

Moral of this story: When in doubt, just add pink for all your pimping purposes!


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