Welcome to Holy Hallelujah’s blog.

I am a Ph.D. student within the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, at the University of Iceland. I am currently working on a doctorate on hyperheuristcs under the guidance of Prof. Tomas Philip Runarsson. The main focus of the study is currently on Job Shop Scheduling Problems (JSSP) and Assembly Line Balancing Problems (ALBP) and how to automate the scheduling process using e.g. ordinal regression and surrogate modelling.

My research interests include evolutionary computation, heuristics, global optimization, statistical learning, and real world applications.

I also have a keen interest in teaching applied mathematics, and am currently undertaking a graduate diploma alongside my Ph.D. studies in Teaching studies for higher education where I am focusing on Operations Research for second year undergraduate students in Industrial Engineering.

My other worldly interest are music, sewing, general DIY crafts, and daydreaming. I’m currently trying to improve my life in several ways in order to procure a husband to call my own some day. Their code names are: “lazy girl gets fit” and “keep calm cupcakes”, first is pretty self-explanatory and the latter is learning the art of cooking three course meals.

In my research I’m amazingly brief, in my blog I make up for that by taking all the time I need. Hence the nickname, tungufoss, loosely translated from Icelandic meaning a waterfall of words.

Feel free to see me live long and prosper.



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