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Master and Servant

Long time no blog. Now that’s about to change (at least for the upcoming month).

I’ve enrolled in the Meistaramánaður initiative, hopefully managing to fulfill some of my new years’ resolutions these past few years. And, yes, maybe think about start working out. My physician would appreciate that. Although, nothing extreme, my doctor gave me strict order to never attempt Mjölnir-related exercise regime again. In that respect, we’re completely on the same wavelength.

I have decided on one goal (more to come before the end of the week) and made the necessary arrangements to see it through. I’ve enrolled in a tatting course. I meant to teach myself how to tat for some years(!) now. I bought the tatting thingamajig in Tokyo (this would be November 2011), and I took a couple of self-help tatting books when I went on my around-the-world trip in October of last year, but to no avail. I still have no idea how to tie those tricky little knots. However, with Heimilisiðnaðarfélagið‘s due diligence, I’m sure I’ll finally master the art of tatting. The fun starts tonight, wish me luck!


Pink bullets

Holy home #DIY

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Kaleidoscope Eyes

For a very long time, I’ve been wanting a proper bedspread — that fully covers my enormous 4m2. Alas, my size is online-shopping unfriendly. I’ve already tried, in good hope, acquiring one. Apparently I misjudged some of the conversions — apparently I have some dubious novelty definition of a King-size bed.

Since most store-bought goods in Iceland are not to my exquisite taste, I will have to make me own. I have been keeping a look-out for scraps to make a patchwork quilt, such as this one from UO (which I grant you comes on the cheap, alas, not in my size):

Urban outfitters

Now, due to my pinterest addiction, I’ve come across some gorgeous geometric shapes that have been suggested to be “great for quilt-making” and I must say I completely and utterly agree with my fellow pinners. Here’s what I’ve been mostly leaning towards… Read More…

Tongue Tied

Once upon a time, when I rekindled my relationship with long-lost knitting needles, I dyed my own yarn: Don’t take a sip of the Kool-Aid, it’s to dye for. It was somewhat tricky business, since there were meters upon meters of yarn that had to be kept untangled (at all cost). Other than that, it was relatively easy monkey business. Since then, I’ve been dying to dye again.

There are mainly two techniques that are #DIY friendly, namely, Tie-dying and Dip-dying — the yarn adventure from 2011 belongs in the latter category.

There are a lot of inspirational dyes out there, worth aspiring to recreate. I remember a ruffled bag from Royal Extreme from Hönnunarmars a few years back. It was an ombre mix of crimson red and mustard yellow. Simply divine. Alas, no pictures available from the internet. Luckily I a very vivid memory of it, so it’s all good.


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Tricky Two

Remember my neon-love post few weeks back? Well, I’ve made my first steps in fluoroscopic living: reviving plain vanilla Oxford flats into two-toned neon extravaganza — with matching hot pink laces.

Two-toned Oxford flats #DIY

It only takes a mere 5ml Depend’s #161 nail polish, available at your local pharmacy, and some plain Oxford looking flats. I got mine for a bargain on sale at Top Shop earlier this summer.

I masked the contours of the shoe with clear tape (with minimum adhesive so it wouldn’t tear up the fake suede when I’d finally take it off). Then I filled in the blank with my mini nail-brush. The ‘hard labor’ only took a few minutes, however some extra time was needed for the nail polish to set, in order to get more out of the bottle.

Tip: If you’re running seriously low on nail polish, with very little left to paint — you can eke out more out of your nail polish by adding a small drop of nail polish remover; that releases the polish from the sides of bottle. There will be a slight color disfiguration, however in small amounts it’s barely noticeable.

On A Neck, On A Spit

I do love big statement necklaces. However, I’m a cheapskate and I’m a sucker for DIY crafts; which has lead to several Holy-creations these past few years.

Last summer I started a replica of Hring-eftir-hring necklace in FIMO. I’ve made about 3-4 flowers, I’ve still got very long to go if it’s going to resemble anything to the necklace depicted above (FYI: suggested retail price is 36.900ISK — not struggling-student friendly). Learning from my mistakes, I’m therefore thinking about taking on a slightly easier knock-off project.

Here are some examples of what I could do in a course of an evening… lets make that two… Read More…

Castaway and Cutouts

Yesterday was May Day, despite many invites to go marching for better wages and benefits for university teachers (slaves might be more accurate, since the pay is pretty much a joke) I decided to take my holiday seriously and as comrade Lenin had intended. Namely, I spent the international workers’ day by fanning about at my ivory tower doing mostly nothing of consequence. Although, I did manage to leave the house for a little while, in order to get my hands on nice big stash of surgical gauze. Yes, you read that right. Gauze. Surgical gauze. I bought roughly 10 packets and a pair of surgical scissors (which were supposed to be strong enough for my project — they weren’t). My May Day was intended to make a plaster cast of my voluptuous curves.


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