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The Way of the Showgirls

Recently my first piece of writing came out in print (see LNCS 6683). I’m overjoyed to say the least.

I'm a big girl today!

Published author

I currently have TWO other accepted papers pending printing. Having actually seen my pride and joy in print, makes it all very real. I believe I can officially call myself a scholar. Way to go, me!

Any who, this blessed event has given me the motivation to continue my writing streak with a more substantial topic. No, I’m not referring to my Ph.D. thesis, that is already underway (knock-on-wood), I’m of course referring to my 100+ pages of lecture notes in Operations Research. The girls at my office turned their lecture notes into a proper book and received an-out-of-this-world 30 research points each! Slight manipulation with my TeX file estimate an initial 260 pages in A5 format. Then with a more enticing selection of examples, I might have a bestseller — at least among the second year industrial engineering students. I will continue with my ever-so-sly and very introverted humor and use the working title:

Simplex and the way of the Showgirls

I already have some local firms interested in collaborating with me on real-world examples for the course, which I could conveniently use to spruce up the book.  I’m all for merging my multitasking. Wish me luck.

P.S. To make up for my silence of late, I enclose an 8tracks mixtape for compensation.


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