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Castaway and Cutouts

Yesterday was May Day, despite many invites to go marching for better wages and benefits for university teachers (slaves might be more accurate, since the pay is pretty much a joke) I decided to take my holiday seriously and as comrade Lenin had intended. Namely, I spent the international workers’ day by fanning about at my ivory tower doing mostly nothing of consequence. Although, I did manage to leave the house for a little while, in order to get my hands on nice big stash of surgical gauze. Yes, you read that right. Gauze. Surgical gauze. I bought roughly 10 packets and a pair of surgical scissors (which were supposed to be strong enough for my project — they weren’t). My May Day was intended to make a plaster cast of my voluptuous curves.


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Protected: Oops I did it again

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Factory Girl

The projects in your studio” I like cats… they taste like chicken” have come to our attention as inappropriate for sharing on BurdaStyle.com.

“The purpose of our Projects section is for community members to showcase their creativity, garner feedback and provide inspiration. At the core, member projects are a form of storytelling between the creator and their audience, inspiring interaction between the two.

Members who upload projects should have had design input, as well as been strongly involved in the handmade production process of the project posted. This means that the member has helped to design and hand-create all or parts of the creation uploaded. They know their creation; not just its exterior, but the unique, unseen intricacies that make it so special.

We are a community that emphasizes the handmade journey of sewing.”

According to our site’s definition of a project, your projects are inappropriate for our site due to their factory made production process.

We have deactivated your account and removed your projects because you have violated our Terms of Use.

You be the judge, does this look factory made to you?

Working on the weekends

Surely there must be some mistake, has my account been deactivated because of my cross stitching projects are too much like “factory made production process.”?!?! I beg to differ, I’ve spent literally hours upon hours hand counting each individual stitch according from a pdf pattern I made myself (although with the help of open-software) and everything is sewn by hand, so even though the project has looming in my studio for many months now I’m not even barely finished. See above photo depicting my projects current status (well I’ve done some work on it since the picture was taken, but not much more).
What bothers me most is that I haven’t even published the project yet, it was only a draft, a draft! I use the draft as a placeholder in order to remind myself to not to give entirely up on it. But apparently that’s against BurdaStyle’s terms of service.

But on that note, my studio has — well I should start to say had, since all  my projects were removed — more unpublished work so maybe that was their reason in terminating my account? In my defence, it’s mostly due to the fact I haven’t had gotten around to taking a picture of my work before publishing. They might want to add that feature to the saving drafts process to allow that there aren’t any uploaded pictures yet. It’s very annoying to say the least.

So I don’t see what the problem is?

This is very much my creation in all aspects. The only thing inappropriate about it is perhaps the project’s name “I like cats… they taste like chicken” but the embroidered picture is not obscene in itself so the only thing I’m “guilty” of is having bad taste and a morbid sense of humour.

I recently started sewing again after many years absence, and check out BurdaStyle for inspiration literally every single day (it’s almost as bad as my fb-addiction). Both checking all new projects, blogs and older posts. So, yes, I’m very heartbroken — to say the least — that my account has been terminated, and all my precious favourites- and toolkit-bookmarks are now lost. Just like my crazy-cat cross-stitching project, I’ve spent hours upon hours grooming that website for things I want to try out next in sewing. But I don’t need them. If my projects are as they say “too inappropriate for sharing” then I respect their decision of kicking me out (although I strongly disagree with them) and will keep my creations to myself from here on out. Besides who are they to say:

We are a community that emphasizes the handmade journey of sewing.

What a slap in the face? My Kitty project  is as handmade as it gets! No mechanic sorcery involved what so ever. Evil spiteful seamstresses. I’ll show them…

Before I get all medieval and start plotting some elaborate revenge, I need to consider that is most probably some mistake,  most likely a computer error. Other possibility would be human foul-play, I envision a 50+ year old sewing-wannabe that poses as sewing-blog moderator that is jealous of my creations and due to the sexual deprivation gets kicks out of kicking out aspiring seamstresses from a barely inhabitable island. Be that as it may, the reason why I’m taking this predicament so close to heart is probably due to the fact this rehashes the very personal ousting I experienced last spring when very unappreciated members of my student group focusing on group diversity made a legislation forbidding only PhD students to be members. Highly unprecedential since almost third of the members weren’t enrolled in the University any more. Also, bearing in mind the club had extreme difficulties recruiting new members, and actually coming up with and enforcing a law limiting one of their few members, was well, to say the least personal. Those bitches.

Maybe this time I will finally heed my brothers warning, NEVER join a social club, it will only give you pain, discomfort and infinite heartache.

Protected: Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have?)

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Protected: Within You: Fantasy Husbands and fb faux-pas

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