Teaching material

Operations research, spring 2011. Lecture notes in Icelandic [.pdf 1.3Mb].

Operations research, spring 2012. Brochure [.pdf 92Kb].

Teaching Studies for Higher Education

Alongside teaching Operations Research at the Engineering department I have started working on a postgraduate diploma in Teaching Studies for Higher Education taught at the Faculty of Teacher Education at the University of Iceland. The degree consists of three courses, namely:

  • Introduction to Teaching Studies at the University Level, KEN212F, fall 2010. [Reading journal: .pdf 291Kb].
  • Course Design, Assessment and Evaluation, KEN103F, spring 2011. [Detailed report: .pdf 1.8Mb].
  • Reflective Practice and Professional Development, KEN004F, TBA.


In order to grasp the fundamentals and obtain deep knowledge in subjects in mathematics and engineering I recommend, teachers and students alike, to read the book How to Solve It by the mathematician George Polya. He suggests a simple four step plan for solving any mathematical problem:

  1. First, understand the problem.
  2. After understanding, devise a plan.
  3. Carry out the plan.
  4. Look back on your work and see if you can make it better.


Tips and tricks on how to achieve your goal is described in the book. A definite must read: G. Polya, “How to Solve It”, 2nd ed., Princeton University Press, 1957 [.pdf 4.8Mb].


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